Company Business


Yuncheng Technology is a company focused on providing IoT solutions. We provide comprehensive signal acquisition (sensor) and data analysis, communication, platform and APP integrated solutions. The product is widely used in many aspects of smart cities such as industrial control, smart agriculture, aquaculture, elderly care, and special personnel management. Through innovative technology and professional teams, we help customers achieve intelligent, interconnected, and efficient business operations.


Yuncheng Technology has matured and developed over 20 different types of sensors, including temperature and humidity, positioning, water quality, soil, atmosphere, vibration, etc., widely used in various fields such as industrial control, smart agriculture, transportation, asset management, personnel supervision and care, etc


Obtain data from various sensors, analyze, summarize, organize, report, and respond to backend requirements in a timely manner based on industry/product requirements.


The product is applied to cellular IoT communication methods such as NB IoT, Cat. 1, Cat. M, and customized communication boards.


Three major operators' Internet of Things platform, self-developed smart Internet of Things platform and customized development of customer Cloud computing#Private cloud.


We can customize apps according to customer needs. Currently, the company independently develops pet apps, search and rescue apps, and vehicle apps.

About Us


Yuncheng technology is located in Anhui building innovation and Exhibition Center, Futian District, Shenzhen. It is a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen and a national high-tech enterprise. The company is committed to the overall solution of the Internet of things, providing integrated solutions from signal acquisition, communication and processing, terminal presentation and control in various fields.It has many independent intellectual property rights in the field of Internet of things, and has carried out extensive cooperation with many international enterprises. Huawei is also a strategic partner in NB IOT field.

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